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Fairy Tales offers items already in stock but also gives you the opportunity to create tailor-made items: eternal bouquets, garters, boutonnieres, bow ties, buttonholes, hair accessories, wedding ring cushions ...
Go to the home page, click on the "tailor-made" button, take the time to fill out the form and attach your photos (inspirations, ideas, colors ...). We will send you a quote within a maximum of 72 hours. If our proposal suits you, send us the signed quote, we always ask for a deposit of 50% that you will pay directly in the shop (the procedure will be detailed). You validate your article, it is only then that you close your invoice and that your parcel is sent to you.
The advantage of the eternal bouquet is that you can keep it for many years. In order to keep it in good condition, keep it away from dust and moisture, placed in an empty vase so keeping it straight would be perfect!
Our bouquets are made of fabric flowers, metal brooches, buttons, rhinestones, feathers, pearls, jewels ... When you order custom, you can provide us with your family jewels or other that you want to include in your article .
Go to the bottom of the page, click on the "Delivery" link to find out more about our conditions and delivery times. As for the bouquets, a minimum of 12 weeks is necessary, for the other articles, this time will be specified in your estimate.
Yes. Contact us, we will study your request and our availability.
No, it makes sure you have the bouquet or accessory as you imagined, we study together your project and we stick to the estimated cost during the creation of the article.
Yes, we have some bouquets in stock (example: ALISON) that you can customize, this option is always proposed under the description of the article when possible. You can change the color of the flowers (3 colors maximum), the fabric, the nodes (not the style, or the pins). This option is forfeit 15 euros.
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